Congratulations Alicia!

by Andrea October 24, 2013

Swim…bike…run…and DANCE with us as we celebrate a huge event!! Alicia won the Life Time Tri Oceanside on Sunday AND the championship crown of the Toyota Triple Crown Triathlon Series. The Life Time Tri Oceanside is the capstone event of 12 triathlon races across the U.S. Alicia won Sunday’s race in 1:58:34 and the crown with 63 points earned over the series.
We are so excited for Alicia in this win. Her drive and determination as a woman and athlete exemplify the spirit of Triflare—after all, we are for and about women. Alicia demonstrates that women can be beautiful but hard driving and that passion, self- discipline, and hard work achieve results.
Come to think of it, in some ways, Alicia’s win reflects our company story. In May of this year, we were awarded a $50K Arch Grant for Startup companies. Triflare was one of only 20 companies chosen from over 700 applications. A smart investment is indicated by impressive returns, and Triflare used some of our grant money to invest in Alicia as the pro athlete to model our athletic wear. So we’re feeling pretty good right now! Not just because it’s fun and gratifying to work with winners but because Alicia rocked the race while looking great. (Did we mention we’re kind of all about femininity and power together?)
So whether you’re of the “Do or do not; there is no Tri” mentality or you’re just glad to get a quick swim in at the Y while the kids are at preschool, join us as we raise a water bottle to toast Alicia and honor women everywhere. We honor your passion, your commitment, your strength. You’re beautiful.