Triflare: Fashion meets sport

by ssiNadmin October 01, 2013

We love fashion and we love sports! Why not have the two together? Triflare is a triathlon/athletic apparel company designed with every level of the woman competitor in mind. Our mission is to provide women athletes on all skill levels with gear that is beautiful but hard driving, daring but unrelenting, uncommon but competitive…just like the women who choose Triflare apparel. Triathletes display an impressive amount of self-discipline and controlled energy; we offer them the chance to show these talents with flare.

I grew up with three older brothers, so competition was always part of my childhood. My brothers would create “game days” where every sport imaginable was part of an activity. While my brothers earned a point for every successful attempt, I (being the little sister) got half a point. This is where the drive to compete was born! Eventually, I attended the University of Missouri where I was a member and captain of the women’s soccer team. It was my senior year of college that my Missouri swim team friends encouraged me to try a triathlon. In 2009 I qualified for Team USA at age group national championships two weeks before winning the title of Mrs. America. 2 weeks following these 2 national competitions I was on the starting line of my next triathlon race in a men’s trisuit!!! When I shopped for my competition suit I noticed the option to look fashionable AND race was not available. Thus the idea of Triflare was born.

In June 2012 I decided to have some suits made with prints that I had designed with the help of friend and Project Runway sweetheart Laura Kathleen it soon became obvious to me that what I started as an in home business was not meant to be an in home business. So I started making more suits with more designs launched a website and now we are in stores in St. Louis and in Canada. Perhaps our most exciting recent news is that with some of the winnings from the Arch Grants we were able to sponsor our first professional triathlete, Alicia Kaye. We signed her on a Friday (June 21) and on Sunday (June 23) she won the Muskoka 5150 Triathlon Series race wearing Triflare. Her next race was the Minneapolis Lifetime Fitness Triathlon on July and she also won that in Triflare! Be on the lookout she has confirmed the cover of the fall/winter issuie of Triathlete magazine. She will be sporting our newest launch, Triflare running and cycling! And help us cheer on Alicia as she completes the 5150 race series and the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon series in September…both of which she is leading at the moment. and @aliciakaye on twitter.