Triflare Athlete of the Week: Cheryl Chaney

by Triflare Blogger May 22, 2014

Cheryl Chaney embodies the definition of hardcore. Cheryl is a native of Troy, OH. She is a 52-year-old triathlete. Cheryl has competed in hundreds of triathlons since 1993, completing her 20th Ironman at Ironman Mont-Tremblant last year.

Some of her accomplishments (to name a few) include two sixth-place finishes in her age group at the Ford Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, and in her most recent race at Rev 3 Knoxville half ironman, she placed first in her age group and sixth place overall.

Cheryl met Andrea, Triflare CEO, at a race about a year ago. She recently purchased a Triflare suit and raced in it at the Rev 3 Knoxville half ironman, where she scored two wins: one in her age group and another for best suit award by fellow participants and volunteers.

About 10 years ago, HFP Racing gave athletes a challenge: to increase awareness and to help the growth of the sport of triathlon. It took Chaney a few years, but in 2009 she created the Troy Kids Triathlon, which is a kid’s triathlon that raises money and awareness for Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian (CASA/GAL) of Miami County. Last year there were 350 kids participating between the ages of 4-14. 

She was quoted in a recent Dayton Daily News article stating that “I like beating up my body and abusing it and pushing it to what I don’t know it’s capable of doing.” She not only pushes her body to outstanding limits she pushes the limits of everything she encounters.

Triflare is proud of this inspiring, amazing athlete.

Above: Cheryl wearing Triflares Sunstar One Piece Trisuit at Rev3 Knoxville

Read Dayton Daily News article about Cheryl here:

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