Staying Body-Positive throughout your Triathlon Training

by Triflare Blogger June 02, 2014

There is a growing struggle for women to love their bodies due to unattainable beauty standards placed on women in the media and in their every day lives. According to a survey done by Glamour magazine women have 13 negative body thoughts daily—nearly one for every waking hour.55 percent of the women surveyed had abusive thoughts about their overall weight or size; 43 percent said they targeted specific areas (the most berated: belly and thighs).   

This struggle is prominent for female triathletes. Triflare pro athlete Alicia Kaye wrote a recent article about how she came to love her body and why you should too. She notes that many triathletes struggle with eating disorders and body image issues. Many triathletes think that skinny equals fast. But this is not the case, losing weight will not equate to achieving your racing goals. Fast is the only thing that fast equals. Personal records are achieved through hard- work, taking care of ones body by giving it the nutrients and rest it needs, and determination-- not through denying your body nutrients to lose 15 pounds.


                                              (Alicia Kaye proudly endorses body positivity and self-love)

We at Triflare want to empower women to whole-heartedly and fiercely love them selves, because every inch of you in beautiful. We are not just a fashionable triathlon sportswear brand, we are a brand that aims to make woman feel beautiful, fast, and ready to conquer any obstacles a race may throw at them. Each Triflare piece is flattering on a woman’s body and shows those muscled curves that have come from hours of training. Because those curves deserved to be shown off.

For inspiration on loving your body visit Triflare’s pro athlete Alicia Kayne’s blog article



Triflare Blogger
Triflare Blogger