Triflare Athlete of the Week: Kourtney Thomas

by Triflare Blogger June 06, 2014


Kourtney Thomas never considered herself much of an athlete. She played various school sports in middle school, but nothing ever really took. That is, until she found running. After college, she dabbled in a few fitness trends, but really fell in love with hitting the pavement.

The rest is history!

Kourtney started competing in 5k races in 2009, and moved her way up to 10ks, half marathons, and eventually marathons, which she loves the best. Spending hours enjoying nature and cities on foot really became Kourtney’s passion, and she eventually decided to make it into a career.

Well, not that kind of career. (She’s not that fast!)

As she got into running, Kourtney also started going to indoor cycling classes and doing strength training. She soon realized that she could combine her passion for running and all things fitness into a profession as a personal trainer and running coach. In 2011, Kourtney became a Certified Spinning Instructor, as well as an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and began working at a facility in St. Louis, MO. She later became an RRCA Certified Running Coach, and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She thrived working with clients of various backgrounds and was energized by helping them reach their goals.


In 2013, Kourtney started her own business, Lagniappe Fitness, to work with clients in the St. Louis area and beyond to create sustainable fitness routines that support active lifestyles. Lagniappe (ˈlan-ˌyap) is a Cajun word used to describe those special occasions where you get a little bit more than you’re expecting.   The philosophy behind Kourtney’s personal training and running coaching is grounded in the belief that feeling better about your body can be the Lagniappe that changes your life.  Whether it’s extra confidence, a faster time, a new personal best, or even a feeling of preparedness for that big event on the horizon, she feels investing in fitness training is a way to bring a lot to your life, by adding a little something special to your training. Kourtney works and lives by the Lagniappe Fitness philosophy: Strong. Fast. Fit. And then some.

You can find out more about Kourtney and how to work with her as a trainer or coach on her website, You can also follow her blog for quick tips on running training, healthy living, mental preparedness and much more. Kourtney is a Triflare Tribe Member.


Triflare Blogger
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