Triflare Athlete of the Week: Misty Becerra

by Triflare Blogger June 23, 2014


Misty Becerra has always been an athlete. She grew up in Miami, where she practiced almost every sport imaginable: dance, gymnastics, swimming, track, and volleyball, just to name a few. Her family and friends greatly influenced her athleticism. Misty and her family would travel several times a year to their vacation home in the mountains of North Carolina where they would hike, white water raft, and canoe. This is where her best friend introduced her to mountain biking. 

Her passion for triathlons started when she attended college at Florida Atlantic University, where she took up rugby and triathlons. She practiced both for 6 years, but noticed that she loved being a triathlete more. She took an internship, then a job, at the National Training Center in Clermont, FL. In 2008, Misty and her best friend who is a professional triathlete, Sara McLarty, decided to try a different type of triathlon. They did their first Adventure Race and won 3rd place. Her big win made her realize she needed to look into off- road triathlons. That’s when she found Xterra, off-road triathlons that give athletes the chance to compete in challenging natural environments, such as tropical jungles or even snow-covered Alps. All of those years on vacation spent in North Carolina paid off. “I have been running around in the woods and riding trails growing up so it was only natural to get out of the ‘road’ triathlons and get into Xterra,” says Misty. The Xterra races have been some of her favorite races. She recently placed age champion at XterraAVA.


When she isn’t racing, you can still find Misty outdoors doing yard work. She also enjoys and gains comfort in creating home projects, which remind her of times with her Dad who passed away in a tragic work accident. Misty embodies the definition of an athlete. She shows her passion and love for the sport in every race. Her advice for athletes is, “Remind yourself during each training session (easy, or hard) that your biggest competitor will always be yourself. Listen to your body, but trust in yourself to step out of your comfort zone to become the athlete you are meant to be. Then remember to smile since you are where you want to be doing what you love.”

Misty is friends with Triflare pros, Alicia Kaye and Jill Petersen, who introduced her to Triflare. Misty says, “ Not only do I love the suits and their unique style, but the mission as well.” Triflare is grateful to have the love and support of such an incredible athlete and woman!


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Triflare Blogger
Triflare Blogger