Triflare Athlete of the Week: Luise King

by Triflare Blogger July 09, 2014


Luise King grew up in Ironton, Missouri in the midst of the Mark Twain National Forest. A big part of her love for triathlons is derived from her father. Her father was a triathlete. In the 80’s he won Ironman South Africa. He taught her the importance of exercise as a healthy addition to her life. He gave her his old Vitus bike when she went away to college at Mizzou. He also inspired her to start running and swimming. Not long after that did she follow in his footsteps and became an amazing triathlete herself. Luise’s mother is also a triathlete. Being a triathlete is ingrained in her blood!   

Luise now lives in Tucson, AZ with her boyfriend, who is a professional triathlete. She recently won a half ironman in Innsbrook, MO. She has been racing Triflare founder, Andrea, for many years. Andrea describes her as, “one of the most pleasant women you will ever meet.” 


                                                  (Luise and her mother pictured above)

When Luise isn’t teaching you’ll either find her biking, swimming, running, practicing Pilates, or watching movies with her family. Another one of her hobbies is buying beautiful cards and little presents and sending them to others. When asked to provide advice for other triathletes she says, “make sure your training is appropriate for your goals and don't let your triathlon training take over job/family priorities.” Luise also encourages others to always smile when you race, because it’s an amazing feeling.

“I would like to thank Triflare for making racing a bit easier with great looking trisuits” she says. Triflare would like to applaud Luise for being a remarkable athlete and looking so great in our trisuits.





Triflare Blogger
Triflare Blogger