Tribe member Kimee Armour

by Triflare Blogger April 26, 2017


Introducing Tribe member Kimee Armour her journey to health and wellness is one to admire! Kimee is a true example of motivation, dedication and improving your health through triathlon. Her highest weight reached almost 400lbs and although she mentioned to us that the photo at her top weight is a bit embarrassing (Thank you Kimee for being so brave to share with all of us!) her current photo in her Triflare suit (shameless plug :)) shows how much her hard work has paid off. What is most admirable is her motivation to get started and keep going! We asked her what motivates her “What motivates me... competition and medals... I love bling😂 I love helping new people get into triathlon or even starting to exercise. I never forget where I started"

Hubby Dave, Oldest Kris (& his wife Maggie), AJ & my princess Karlie Kaye, my mom Sandy lives with us too. Karlie has Autism and she runs my house, whatever she says goes! This is my loving support network!

Kimee says of this photo "The morning after IMFLA, race ready and smiling. Oh the pain this would cause"

World champ Kirsten Sass welcomes Kimee to Team USA!!!!!

To learn more about Kimee and her fitness routine,
Jennifer Snopko at the YMCA of Springfield, IL wrote an article featuring Kimee.

Welcome to the Tribe Kimee we are grateful to have you!

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