Triflare Tribe Member Feature Chele Brown

by Triflare Blogger August 29, 2016

Triathlon is a sport that reaches beyond borders and is loved by people around the world. Our Triflare Tribe Ambassador focus this month is on Chele Brown.

Chele Brown is our Australian Ambassador. She participates and races in events around Australia and helps encourage others around her to become involved in the sport. After the breakdown of her marriage, Chele was looking for something to encourage her. A friend suggested that she try training for a triathlon. That seemed reasonable to her, but she decided to begin with a 5k race. She trained for it and knew when she crossed the finish line that she was hooked. She completed a few Sprints before moving up to Olympic distances.

Of course, as we all know, the next level in triathlon is always right in front of us. So, Chele started training for her first Half-Ironman distance. She completed the Sunshine Coast Half Ironman. She mentioned that this race was her favorite in part because of the perfect weather and in part because of her epic finish. While heading towards the finisher chute she was able to hold a picture of her sister while her partner grabbed her hand and ran with her.

She is proud to represent in Australia as a triathlete and believes that the sport is growing and gaining momentum in the country. She advises new athletes getting into the sport to start small. She recommends doing a couple of short distance triathlons to get used to transitions and moving from one leg to the next. She also notes that you don’t have to have the latest and greatest gear to begin. “Just use what you have, see if you like the sport first before you buy and the gear,” she said.

Recently, Chele was struck by a car while cycling. Though she is recovering and is in good spirits, she wants to remind everyone to stay vigilant when training. “Be aware, not only of yourself, but drivers and what they may do, don’t lose concentration”, she said. Her advice and we at Triflare couldn’t agree more is to make sure that you have a good helmet and that you wear it properly every time you ride.

We are thrilled that Chele is on our team and represents Triflare in Australia. Up next on the horizon for her is her first full Ironman! We can’t wait to see you cross that finish line!



Triflare Blogger
Triflare Blogger