Our Story



Our mission is to show that women athletes on all skill levels are both beautiful but hard driving, daring but unrelenting, uncommon but competitive.

Triflare is a triathlon sportwear brand designed with every level of competitor in mind. Each piece of clothing in the Triflare collection was designed with two thoughts in mind: femininity and power.

Each piece is flattering on a woman’s body and shows those muscled curves that have come from hours of training. These trisuits are not only unique, but they are designed to be comfortable and resilient, making every move in a race efficient. The prints embody the bold goals of a triathlete and capture the pursuit of competition.

The name Triflare stands for triathlon wear with a flair…but not that kind of flair. Rather the flare from a torch…the passion that drives women swimmers, cyclists, and runners to compete, to push themselves, to grind out their best until they cross the finish line. At first founder Andrea Robertson came up with the acronym Fit Ladies Are Running Everywhere but she also remembers returning to the sport of triathlon after giving birth (3 times!). She says, “I sure didn’t feel like a “fit” lady, more like a “flabby” lady! Each time, whether I was feeling fit or flabby, looking for a stylish trisuit was always a challenge.”