2020 Triflare Tribe Collection

Welcome to the Triflare Tribe! We’re excited to have you as an ambassador and to follow your journey!
Please follow the steps to complete your Tribe Uniform Order. Please submit your order by November 22, 2019. 

Step One) Add the Collection to Cart

Step Two) Go to Checkout page.

    *****In the NOTES BOX on the checkout page please type in your 
                      1) Jacket size
                     2) Choice for Trisuit and size. Choose only one of the                                               following options. (We are offering Multiple prints and styles                                     for the 2020 Tribe uniform this year. Only choose one option, so                               you will either choose a sleeved one piece trisuit OR a sleeveless                           one piece trisuit OR a tritop with shorts.)
  Option 1: Sleeved Camo one piece trisuit 
         Option 2: Sleeveless Butterfly one piece trisuit
                              Option 3: One Tritop (turquoise or black tri top) and trishort  (leopard print or black tri shorts)
you can purchase additional suits later if you are interested in mulitiple styles but with your membership fee choose only 1 option for tribe trisuit
**design subject to change with added Tribe logo, or slight modifications during production.