Caring for your Triflare

We know you work out hard: follow these easy tips to keep your Triflare performing & looking fresh every step of the way.

  • Like any fine garment or performance-wear, first check your Triflare’s care and content label. These instructions are generally printed on the inside of your garment or came attached to the garment. This label has garment specific information on caring for your Triflare.
  • Treat your Triflare like you would fine lingerie or clothing.  Keep your Triflare colors bright and sharp by washing your garment alone in cold water (ideally in a lingerie bag) or with similarly colored items and hang to air dry.
  • Spot soak if necessary and use a mild detergent. Make sure all pockets are empty and zippers are fully zipped shut.
  • Always turn your Triflare garment inside out before washing.
  • When washing, use a mild soap or detergent designated for fine or delicate washables (these often have the words “free” or “clear” on their label.) Place the soap in the washing water and not directly on your garment, and never, ever use fabric brighteners or bleach with your Triflare!
  • Avoid washing your Triflare alongside items with zippers, Velcro, snaps or rough fabrics (like denim or twills) that can be abrasive. Additionally, avoid using fabric softeners with performance fabrics as the softener may inhibit your fabrics’ wicking capabilities.
  • Air-drying protects the life of the fibers in your Triflare and helps maintain the overall shape of your garment.  It’s also the best environmental practice!

Note:  Using your Triflare in chlorinated water will accelerate the deterioration of your garment’s fibers. Immediately after use in chlorinated water, rinse your Triflare in cold clear water and wash as soon as possible.