Tribe member Kimee Armour April 26 2017


Introducing Tribe member Kimee Armour her journey to health and wellness is one to admire! Kimee is a true example of motivation, dedication and improving your health through triathlon. Her highest weight reached almost 400lbs and although she mentioned to us that the photo at her top weight is a bit embarrassing (Thank you Kimee for being so brave to share with all of us!) her current photo in her Triflare suit (shameless plug :)) shows how much her hard work has paid off. What is most admirable is her motivation to get started and keep going! We asked her what motivates her “What motivates me... competition and medals... I love bling😂 I love helping new people get into triathlon or even starting to exercise. I never forget where I started"

Hubby Dave, Oldest Kris (& his wife Maggie), AJ & my princess Karlie Kaye, my mom Sandy lives with us too. Karlie has Autism and she runs my house, whatever she says goes! This is my loving support network!

Kimee says of this photo "The morning after IMFLA, race ready and smiling. Oh the pain this would cause"

World champ Kirsten Sass welcomes Kimee to Team USA!!!!!

To learn more about Kimee and her fitness routine,
Jennifer Snopko at the YMCA of Springfield, IL wrote an article featuring Kimee.

Welcome to the Tribe Kimee we are grateful to have you!

Introducing Vienna Morrill Triflare Tribe Member and Vegan extraordinaire. March 20 2017

Thank you to Triflare Tribe Member Vienna for giving us tips,and insight into her vegan/triathlete lifestyle. We are excited to have you as part of the tribe and thank you for sharing all of your wonderful tips!

Vienna Morrill is a self-described “everyday athlete” who lives in Cape Elizabeth, ME with her husband and two cats, Chloe and Ahab. When she’s not working or sleeping, chances are you will find her playing and training somewhere in the great outdoors or experimenting and “taste testing” in her home kitchen. Her latest focus? Training for her first 25K trail run and Olympic distance triathlon, and creating aged nut-based cheeses (think sharp cheddar, but made from cashews)!

Vienna holds a master’s degree in accounting, a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University, and is a graduate of Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy. She believes in the power of food to address our greatest chronic health challenges, support environmental sustainability, and improve animal welfare. You can follow Vienna on instagram: @viennamorrill

In Vienna's words:
Among the athletic community, there’s growing recognition that plant-based diets can help reduce inflammation, speed up recovery, and give you an edge on the competition. I made the change to a plant-based diet for many of the same reasons that drove me to try my first triathlon. I enjoy finding ways to optimize my health and seeing what my body’s capable of, and I love a good challenge. The biggest surprise? Eating a plant-based diet was more rewarding than it was challenging - especially once I tuned into a few key strategies and discovered some helpful guidance in the vegan community.

As a vegan who focuses on consuming an unrefined, whole-food, plant-based diet, there is little that differentiates what I eat on a typical Tuesday night during the off-season and what I eat the week of a big race. Of course, as my training season picks up my calorie consumption grows, but the quality of my meals remains fairly consistent. Eating this way has allowed me to stay active year-round and avoid overuse injuries that plague so many athletes. It also allows me stay sharp, healthy, and energized in all aspects of my life - there are days when I literally want to jump out of bed!

Search #vegansofig on instagram and you’ll quickly become hungry. Next, you’ll either become very ambitious and create a 50 item shopping list that you’ll later realize is a bit over-zealous (eyes bigger than your schedule?) or you’ll simply become overwhelmed by the barrage of delectable buddha bowls, multi-layered smoothies, perfectly wrapped spring rolls, and lentil meatballs atop beds of cauliflower rice and pesto dressed zoodles. Here’s the thing - you don’t need to get fancy. And you may even discover that beautifully plated meals happen naturally when you start focusing your meals around vegetables.

For this blog post, I thought it would be helpful to provide some specific suggestions that can help make nutritionally dense, plant-based meals more accessible for busy athletes.

For starters, pretty much all veggies go together. I’ve yet to find a veggie combination that’s terrible. So go ahead - clean out your veggie drawer and throw everything in a bowl with some chickpeas and grains. And get some avocados. Everything tastes better with avocado and a little sea salt.

If you were to come to me and ask for a vegan grocery store tour, here are a few of the products that I would be certain to point out:
Big box of pre-washed greens - Perhaps this seems obvious, but those 1 pound boxes of pre-washed organic greens can be a lifesaver. Throw a handful in your smoothie, add them to soup (always add your greens after your soup is done and let them wilt under the lid), salads, sandwiches… or if you’re crazy like me, eat a handful straight out of the box before your morning run!
Vibrant veggies - When it comes to veggies, aim for organic and buy what looks fresh. If you can, buy local as well. Fresh veggies always taste better!
Pre-cooked Grains - This is a new discovery for me, and I love how these packets transform a ho-hum salad into a truly satisfying meal. Look for these packets in the grain section of your grocery store, or order through a service like Amazon or Thrive Market.
Ezekiel Bread - I keep a loaf of this organic, sprouted grain bread in my freezer. The sprouting process makes it easier to absorb nutrients and increases overall digestibility. Individual slices thaw quickly and provide a delicious go-to option for sandwiches and toast.
Frozen Organic Corn - I add this to my salads straight from the bag… it only needs an hour or so to thaw and it provides my salads with a satisfying sweet crunch!
Field Roast or Tofurky Sausage - Convenient, hearty, and flavorful, I love having these Italian sausages on hand for a quick pasta dinner or as a pizza topping with mushrooms, peppers, onions and sauce.
Beyond Meat products - Generally, I’m not a huge fan of fake meat (aside from my slight obsession with the sausages mentioned above). However, if you’re trying to follow a vegetarian or plant-based diet, but still craving meat, give Beyond Meat’s products a try. They’re close enough to the “real thing” to send your unknowing vegetarian dinner guest into a panic!
Tempeh - Ease your way into tempeh with some tempeh bacon (Lightlife makes a good organic option). Heat it up and make yourself a TLT (tempeh, lettuce, and tomato) on sprouted grain bread with some vegan mayo.
Vegan Cheese - Like many people exploring the prospect of going vegan, I didn’t think I could give up cheese. However, with brands like Kite Hill, Miyokos Kitchen, and Field Roast rapidly expanding and improving upon their non-dairy cheeses, cheese no longer has to be your achilles heel to vegan success.
Nutritional Yeast - Sprinkle this on veggie bowls, salads, pizza, or pasta. Look for brands that are fortified with Vitamin B12, as this is one area where vegan athletes can run into deficiency issues.
Vegan Ice Cream - With all that running, biking, and swimming, I feel justified indulging in a little treat from time to time. Vegan ice cream has come a long way over the past few years. My favorite brands are Coconut Bliss and So Delicious’ Cashew Milk variety.

Okay, so now you have some ideas for products. Now let’s move from the shopping cart to the dinner table. Below, I’ve provided a week’s worth of plant-powered dinners, many of which will provide you with leftovers for plant-powered lunches as well.

Pizza or Pasta Night - Buy some pre-made multi-grain pizza dough or cook up your pasta of choice and top with sauteed brussel sprouts, sauteed mushrooms, tomato chunks, and kalamata olives. For a little extra substance, add some vegan italian sausage or toasted chickpeas tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Veggie and Grain Bowl (aka Buddha Bowl) - Choose a grain, a protein (tofu, beans, chickpeas, tempeh, veggie burger, hemp seeds), and a few of your favorite veggies. Don’t be afraid to combine raw veggies with cooked veggies.
For an easy tofu rendition, simply toss crumbled tofu in salt, pepper, chilli powder, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast. Warm it up in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 F, or enjoy it raw.
Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes - Bake some sweet potatoes and top them with whatever suits your taste - Try smashed avocado, diced tomatoes, black beans, corn, scallions, and crumbled tempeh bacon.
Doctored Up Packaged Soup - Find a quality canned/packaged soup that you enjoy and doctor it up with some fresh veggies. I love adding bok choy, cubed tofu, and mushrooms to Lotus Foods’ packaged miso ramen soups. Or try tossing some halved cherry tomatoes, frozen corn, green peppers, and baby spinach into black bean soup!
Sweet Potato, Quinoa, White Bean and Kale Soup - With the notes of thyme and coconut, this soup is warming and down-right heavenly!
Chickpea Salad Sandwiches or Lettuce Wraps - To make chickpea salad, combine canned chickpeas (or cook up a big batch of your own) with vegan mayo, diced red onion, halved red grapes, salt, and pepper.
One-hour Lentil Shepherd's Pie - Great for a one-dish family meal or if you want leftovers!

Easy living on a whole foods, plant-based diet requires a combination of planning, prep, and ready-made products. If you’re like me, you may find the idea of growing your own produce and preparing elaborate meals from scratch on a daily basis to be quite romantic, yet your job, family, and commitment to becoming a stronger athlete keep this aspiration in the fairy-tale zone. Those 1-pound containers of pre-washed greens, microwaveable packets of organic grains, freezable/make-ahead recipes, and an ever-growing list of yummy vegan products…. These are things that make it possible to not only get by on a plant-based diet, but to thrive on crave-worthy plant-powered meals on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in learning more about plant-based diets for athletes, there are many resources available on the web. I highly recommend checking out Rich Roll, Brendan Brazier, and the No Meat Athlete.


Triflare Tribe Member Michelle Niemeyer November 05 2016

Continuing our blog series on our amazing ambassadors, this month’s Tribe Ambassador of the Month is Michelle Collette Niemeyer.

You many not recognize Michelle by her name, but she is the mom behind This Momma Runs. Michelle is a wife and proud mother of 4 daughters under the age of 11! We don’t know how she does it, but she amazes us every day with her determination to stay actively involved in triathlon while raising her family.

One way that she is able to continue her training is to plan her workout schedule. She sets aside two time slots a day that she can train – early in the morning from 4:00 – 6:00 am or late in the evening from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Giving herself two options both early and late in the day allows her time with her family and gives her much flexibility if she can’t make one or the other. Luckily, she has daughters who enjoy accompanying her on their bikes while she runs!

Michelle hasn’t always been involved in triathlon. In fact, not long ago, she couldn’t even swim! When her daughter, Julia competed in her first triathlon at the age of 9, Michelle was inspired to attempt this sport as well. She signed up for swim lessons and finally learned to swim. Six months after taking lessons, she crossed the finish line of her first triathlon.

When asked what advice she could offer to new triathletes, she said, “You need to put the time in.” This advice is something that Michelle had to learn for herself. As a marathoner and ultra-marathoner by nature, Michelle knows that focusing on the swim and bike portions of triathlon are important to her training. She has to spend extra time in those two disciplines in order to continue to grow stronger in them. She also advises new triathletes to not neglect the importance of practicing swimming not just in a pool, but in open water.

After throwing up twice in the water, pushing up hills on the bike course and running in 90 plus degree weather, Michelle completed her first Ironman 70.3 recently. She said it was the most challenging event she has ever competed in, but it was also one her proudest moments as an athlete.

Though she doesn’t have any specific pre-race rituals, she does like to go out to the lake the day before her race and dip her toes in the water. It reminds her of how far she has come in the last two years. She also has her family write their names on her feet before each race. This way while she waiting for the swim portion to start she can look down and see that they are with her and support her.

Being from Chicago, her favorite post-race food is deep dish pizza! And, Michelle we think you definitely deserve it!

We are thrilled to have Michelle on our team and love that she inspires and reaching other women through her journey.

You can follow her on social media as This Momma Runs:
Twitter: @ThisMommaRuns2
Instagram: @mishniemeyer

Triflare Tribe Member Myssie Cardenas-Barajas September 20 2016


Meet Myssie Cardenas-Barajas Triflare ambassador from the great state of Texas! 

Myssie first got involved in athletics because of loss in her life. In 2011, Myssie lost three family members to cancer. It was during this painful time that she found comfort in running with Team in Training. She needed a way to work through her grief, while at the same time desiring to raise money for cancer organizations. She not only found comfort by surrounding herself with those who had survived, but she found her love of swimming, biking and running.

She bought her very first pair of running shoes and ran her very first block in 2011. By the end of 2012, she had run 2 full marathons, 6 half-marathons, and countless 5k and 10k’s. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), she injured herself during her second marathon. It was this injury that propelled her into the world of triathlon. Because she was limited in running, her coach recommended swimming and cycling. Of course, she needed to overcome one obstacle - she didn’t know how to swim! With the help of her son, she learned and 10 weeks later, completed her first triathlon!

One of Myssie’s favorite ways to stay motivated when training gets a bit mundane is to create powerful playlists. She loves music and finds that creating a playlist that matches the course elevation helps prepare her for race day. She knows by the songs when a hill is approaching or when she needs to pick up or slow down her pace.

Myssie’s favorite race thus far is not a well-known race. In fact, if you aren’t from Texas, you have likely never heard of it. It’s called “The Hell of the South: HOTS.” And here is why – it’s a 56-mile road bike race along the fence of Texas/Mexico border. The trail consists of asphalt, caliche gravel, sand pits and dirt! But, that’s not even the worst of it! The race is held on July 4 – the hottest time of the year in South Texas. Myssie said, “It was special to me because when I raced it, I was the only female that did this event among many other local and state elite men.”

Myssie hopes to continue inspiring people to get involved in sports. Her advice to newbies is powerful. She said, “I know you're scared. I know you don't think you can do it. I also know you're wrong and you have yet to experience making the impossible possible. You are stronger than you know. Join a team, get a coach, sign up for a bucket list event and just go out an amaze yourself.” She also believes that growth happens when you are pushed out of your comfort zone so, she recommends training with people who are more experienced and better than yourself.

Before each race, Myssie jams out to the Foo Fighters and replays voice messages from her mother and brother. She credits them, Sissy and triathlon for saving her life when she was struggling with grief.

We are so thrilled to have Myssie on our team. She has been through many hard times, and yet she still finds ways to inspire those around her. She definitely inspires us!

Triflare Tribe Member Feature Chele Brown August 29 2016

Triathlon is a sport that reaches beyond borders and is loved by people around the world. Our Triflare Tribe Ambassador focus this month is on Chele Brown.

Chele Brown is our Australian Ambassador. She participates and races in events around Australia and helps encourage others around her to become involved in the sport. After the breakdown of her marriage, Chele was looking for something to encourage her. A friend suggested that she try training for a triathlon. That seemed reasonable to her, but she decided to begin with a 5k race. She trained for it and knew when she crossed the finish line that she was hooked. She completed a few Sprints before moving up to Olympic distances.

Of course, as we all know, the next level in triathlon is always right in front of us. So, Chele started training for her first Half-Ironman distance. She completed the Sunshine Coast Half Ironman. She mentioned that this race was her favorite in part because of the perfect weather and in part because of her epic finish. While heading towards the finisher chute she was able to hold a picture of her sister while her partner grabbed her hand and ran with her.

She is proud to represent in Australia as a triathlete and believes that the sport is growing and gaining momentum in the country. She advises new athletes getting into the sport to start small. She recommends doing a couple of short distance triathlons to get used to transitions and moving from one leg to the next. She also notes that you don’t have to have the latest and greatest gear to begin. “Just use what you have, see if you like the sport first before you buy and the gear,” she said.

Recently, Chele was struck by a car while cycling. Though she is recovering and is in good spirits, she wants to remind everyone to stay vigilant when training. “Be aware, not only of yourself, but drivers and what they may do, don’t lose concentration”, she said. Her advice and we at Triflare couldn’t agree more is to make sure that you have a good helmet and that you wear it properly every time you ride.

We are thrilled that Chele is on our team and represents Triflare in Australia. Up next on the horizon for her is her first full Ironman! We can’t wait to see you cross that finish line!



Triflare Tribe Member Feature: Annette Jacobs August 21 2016

We are so pleased to have Annette on our team. With over 20 years in the sport, Annette has competed in many triathlons from Sprints to Ironman.

As a young adult, Annette’s dad always talked about doing an Ironman, but didn’t think a girl could complete one. This stuck with Annette and she was determined to prove him wrong and she added it to her “bucket list.”

Her first race, a duathlon, was 20 years ago. After that race, she was encouraged to race in her first sprint. From there, the rest is history. She started training to compete in her first 70.3, the Gulf Coast Half Ironman.

Annette believes that just about anything can go wrong in a race, but it’s in those circumstances that she learns something new and creates a new memory. In order to be prepared, she tries to ride or drive the course the day before. Then before she sleeps, she visualizes the perfect race.

It was her first Ironman, at the age of 40, that she finds most memorable. The race started off rough. During the swim, the waves were crashing upon her and tossing and turning her. She was able to get to the surface just long enough to take a breath before the next wave enveloped her, sending her to the bottom, once again.

After the swim, she was thrilled to be on the bike. The bike section went well. That was, until the last 30 minutes. She missed her last chance at water and didn’t have liquids during the last portion of the bike. She started to get concerned that the lack of liquid would affect her run, but she hoped she would have some time to recover.

As in most races, not everything goes as planned. The first 8 miles of her race went as planned. But, at mile 9, her body was finished. She decided to walk, drink coke and eat a bit. After her break, she started 8:2 intervals – run 8 minutes, walk 2 minutes. Though her body was feeling the pain, she pushed through.

Annette saw her husband along the race course and he gave her the encouragement she needed to get to the finish line. She remembers the last mile being full of energy and screaming people everywhere. There was no way she was going to disappoint the crowd, so she ran the entire last mile. She was greeted at the finish line by her husband and son.

She had done it – her first Ironman!

When asked what advice she has for newbie’s in the sport, she says this, “You have a life and family outside of triathlons. Plan for interruptions during your training, plan to take time off to vacation with your family, know your priorities. When your child wakes up with the flu at 2 a.m. and you're up until 4 a.m., don't worry about that 5:15 a.m. swim practice, your body will do better to have the rest. Take a night off of training to spend some time with your spouse and thank them for their sacrifices so you can train.”

We couldn’t agree more, Annette!

Triflare is here to encourage everyone to participate in the sport of your choice. We want you to succeed and love sports, as much as we do. And, we want you to look good doing it! We also want you to have a beautifully balanced life of family and training.

So here’s to you Annette. We look forward to watching you cross many more finish lines!

Triflare is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership with 2X Lifetime Fitness Series Champion, St. Anthony’s Triathlon Champion and 2013 Triathlete Magazine’s Top American Female Triathlete, Alicia Kaye. February 25 2015

ST. LOUIS, Missouri. February 25, 2015 - Triflare is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership with 2X Lifetime Fitness Series Champion, St. Anthony’s Triathlon Champion and 2013 Triathlete Magazine’s Top American Female Triathlete, Alicia Kaye.

Alicia Kaye said “Continuing my relationship with Triflare is extremely important to me.  It feels amazing to be a part of growing company whose brand and mission has completely changed the way I view myself on race day and as a female athlete. My goal is to share that message with other female athletes by racing and training my best in Triflare's beautifully designed race suits and clothing. “

Triflare founder Andrea Robertson said,  “We’re honored to have Alicia Kaye as part of our company mission. She’s an inspirational athlete and exemplifies all of the characteristics of a world class athlete. Our goal at Triflare is to support Alicia and help her feel her best while she’s racing. Alicia has been a fantastic ambassador for Triflare since 2013 and we feel as if we have grown as a company along side her growth as an athlete”

Triflare designer Kim Mclean said “Each piece of Triflare apparel is designed to fit and flatter an athlete’s body. Our company purpose is to help athletes to feel powerful and confident while they are racing and training. Alicia demonstrates what power and confidence look like on the racecourse. We are thrilled she believes in us, our creative and bold designs and has embraced all that is Triflare.  Alicia inspires us to push ourselves to our design limits, to say we are inspired by her determination and diligence is an understatement.“

ABOUT Alicia Kaye

Alicia grew up in Canada and began participating in triathlon when she was 11 years old; she became a professional triathlete at the age of 14. Alicia has been a dominant force in the non-draft Olympic distance of triathlon. In 2014, Alicia had seven race wins including her first win at the 70.3 distance (Muskoka). Additionally, she had 10 podium finishes in 2014. For 2015 Alicia is planning to race in 12 races including the Challenge Triple Crown (in Dubai, Oman, and Bahrain), Oceanside 70.3, and St. Anthony’s Triathlon.

ABOUT Triflare

Triflare is a sportswear company that designs, markets and sells a range of high fashion competition and post-competition apparel products for men and women. The initial product focus of the Company was on women’s triathlon suits and post-competition casual wear. Driven by the consumer response to the initial product offerings, Triflare has expanded its range of products to racing, running and swimwear for women and for men. Triflare was a 2013 St. Louis Arch Grants recipient and a finalist in the 2013 St. Louis Start-Up Challenge. The Company has received considerable regional press including features and profiles in The St. Louis Post Dispatch, the St. Louis Business Journal, KMOX radio, and ALIVE magazine. More recently Triflare has become the exclusive supplier of competition suits for the USA Synchronized Swimming national teams, including the teams that will compete for the USA at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Media Contact:

Triflare Athlete of the Week: Luise King July 09 2014


Luise King grew up in Ironton, Missouri in the midst of the Mark Twain National Forest. A big part of her love for triathlons is derived from her father. Her father was a triathlete. In the 80’s he won Ironman South Africa. He taught her the importance of exercise as a healthy addition to her life. He gave her his old Vitus bike when she went away to college at Mizzou. He also inspired her to start running and swimming. Not long after that did she follow in his footsteps and became an amazing triathlete herself. Luise’s mother is also a triathlete. Being a triathlete is ingrained in her blood!   

Luise now lives in Tucson, AZ with her boyfriend, who is a professional triathlete. She recently won a half ironman in Innsbrook, MO. She has been racing Triflare founder, Andrea, for many years. Andrea describes her as, “one of the most pleasant women you will ever meet.” 


                                                  (Luise and her mother pictured above)

When Luise isn’t teaching you’ll either find her biking, swimming, running, practicing Pilates, or watching movies with her family. Another one of her hobbies is buying beautiful cards and little presents and sending them to others. When asked to provide advice for other triathletes she says, “make sure your training is appropriate for your goals and don't let your triathlon training take over job/family priorities.” Luise also encourages others to always smile when you race, because it’s an amazing feeling.

“I would like to thank Triflare for making racing a bit easier with great looking trisuits” she says. Triflare would like to applaud Luise for being a remarkable athlete and looking so great in our trisuits.





Triflare Athlete of the Week: Misty Becerra June 23 2014


Misty Becerra has always been an athlete. She grew up in Miami, where she practiced almost every sport imaginable: dance, gymnastics, swimming, track, and volleyball, just to name a few. Her family and friends greatly influenced her athleticism. Misty and her family would travel several times a year to their vacation home in the mountains of North Carolina where they would hike, white water raft, and canoe. This is where her best friend introduced her to mountain biking. 

Her passion for triathlons started when she attended college at Florida Atlantic University, where she took up rugby and triathlons. She practiced both for 6 years, but noticed that she loved being a triathlete more. She took an internship, then a job, at the National Training Center in Clermont, FL. In 2008, Misty and her best friend who is a professional triathlete, Sara McLarty, decided to try a different type of triathlon. They did their first Adventure Race and won 3rd place. Her big win made her realize she needed to look into off- road triathlons. That’s when she found Xterra, off-road triathlons that give athletes the chance to compete in challenging natural environments, such as tropical jungles or even snow-covered Alps. All of those years on vacation spent in North Carolina paid off. “I have been running around in the woods and riding trails growing up so it was only natural to get out of the ‘road’ triathlons and get into Xterra,” says Misty. The Xterra races have been some of her favorite races. She recently placed age champion at XterraAVA.


When she isn’t racing, you can still find Misty outdoors doing yard work. She also enjoys and gains comfort in creating home projects, which remind her of times with her Dad who passed away in a tragic work accident. Misty embodies the definition of an athlete. She shows her passion and love for the sport in every race. Her advice for athletes is, “Remind yourself during each training session (easy, or hard) that your biggest competitor will always be yourself. Listen to your body, but trust in yourself to step out of your comfort zone to become the athlete you are meant to be. Then remember to smile since you are where you want to be doing what you love.”

Misty is friends with Triflare pros, Alicia Kaye and Jill Petersen, who introduced her to Triflare. Misty says, “ Not only do I love the suits and their unique style, but the mission as well.” Triflare is grateful to have the love and support of such an incredible athlete and woman!


For more information on Misty visit her website:


Triflare Athlete of the Week: Kourtney Thomas June 06 2014


Kourtney Thomas never considered herself much of an athlete. She played various school sports in middle school, but nothing ever really took. That is, until she found running. After college, she dabbled in a few fitness trends, but really fell in love with hitting the pavement.

The rest is history!

Kourtney started competing in 5k races in 2009, and moved her way up to 10ks, half marathons, and eventually marathons, which she loves the best. Spending hours enjoying nature and cities on foot really became Kourtney’s passion, and she eventually decided to make it into a career.

Well, not that kind of career. (She’s not that fast!)

As she got into running, Kourtney also started going to indoor cycling classes and doing strength training. She soon realized that she could combine her passion for running and all things fitness into a profession as a personal trainer and running coach. In 2011, Kourtney became a Certified Spinning Instructor, as well as an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and began working at a facility in St. Louis, MO. She later became an RRCA Certified Running Coach, and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She thrived working with clients of various backgrounds and was energized by helping them reach their goals.


In 2013, Kourtney started her own business, Lagniappe Fitness, to work with clients in the St. Louis area and beyond to create sustainable fitness routines that support active lifestyles. Lagniappe (ˈlan-ˌyap) is a Cajun word used to describe those special occasions where you get a little bit more than you’re expecting.   The philosophy behind Kourtney’s personal training and running coaching is grounded in the belief that feeling better about your body can be the Lagniappe that changes your life.  Whether it’s extra confidence, a faster time, a new personal best, or even a feeling of preparedness for that big event on the horizon, she feels investing in fitness training is a way to bring a lot to your life, by adding a little something special to your training. Kourtney works and lives by the Lagniappe Fitness philosophy: Strong. Fast. Fit. And then some.

You can find out more about Kourtney and how to work with her as a trainer or coach on her website, You can also follow her blog for quick tips on running training, healthy living, mental preparedness and much more. Kourtney is a Triflare Tribe Member.


Staying Body-Positive throughout your Triathlon Training June 02 2014

There is a growing struggle for women to love their bodies due to unattainable beauty standards placed on women in the media and in their every day lives. According to a survey done by Glamour magazine women have 13 negative body thoughts daily—nearly one for every waking hour.55 percent of the women surveyed had abusive thoughts about their overall weight or size; 43 percent said they targeted specific areas (the most berated: belly and thighs).   

This struggle is prominent for female triathletes. Triflare pro athlete Alicia Kaye wrote a recent article about how she came to love her body and why you should too. She notes that many triathletes struggle with eating disorders and body image issues. Many triathletes think that skinny equals fast. But this is not the case, losing weight will not equate to achieving your racing goals. Fast is the only thing that fast equals. Personal records are achieved through hard- work, taking care of ones body by giving it the nutrients and rest it needs, and determination-- not through denying your body nutrients to lose 15 pounds.


                                              (Alicia Kaye proudly endorses body positivity and self-love)

We at Triflare want to empower women to whole-heartedly and fiercely love them selves, because every inch of you in beautiful. We are not just a fashionable triathlon sportswear brand, we are a brand that aims to make woman feel beautiful, fast, and ready to conquer any obstacles a race may throw at them. Each Triflare piece is flattering on a woman’s body and shows those muscled curves that have come from hours of training. Because those curves deserved to be shown off.

For inspiration on loving your body visit Triflare’s pro athlete Alicia Kayne’s blog article



Triflare Athlete of the Week: Cheryl Chaney May 22 2014

Cheryl Chaney embodies the definition of hardcore. Cheryl is a native of Troy, OH. She is a 52-year-old triathlete. Cheryl has competed in hundreds of triathlons since 1993, completing her 20th Ironman at Ironman Mont-Tremblant last year.

Some of her accomplishments (to name a few) include two sixth-place finishes in her age group at the Ford Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, and in her most recent race at Rev 3 Knoxville half ironman, she placed first in her age group and sixth place overall.

Cheryl met Andrea, Triflare CEO, at a race about a year ago. She recently purchased a Triflare suit and raced in it at the Rev 3 Knoxville half ironman, where she scored two wins: one in her age group and another for best suit award by fellow participants and volunteers.

About 10 years ago, HFP Racing gave athletes a challenge: to increase awareness and to help the growth of the sport of triathlon. It took Chaney a few years, but in 2009 she created the Troy Kids Triathlon, which is a kid’s triathlon that raises money and awareness for Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian (CASA/GAL) of Miami County. Last year there were 350 kids participating between the ages of 4-14. 

She was quoted in a recent Dayton Daily News article stating that “I like beating up my body and abusing it and pushing it to what I don’t know it’s capable of doing.” She not only pushes her body to outstanding limits she pushes the limits of everything she encounters.

Triflare is proud of this inspiring, amazing athlete.

Above: Cheryl wearing Triflares Sunstar One Piece Trisuit at Rev3 Knoxville

Read Dayton Daily News article about Cheryl here:

“Well, if she can do that, I can, too…” February 21 2014

IMG_0149And that pretty much describes how Jillian Petersen decided to try triathlon racing. Jillian is now a highly successful professional triathlete and, we’re thrilled to say, has partnered with Triflare for sponsorship. Jillian didn’t always aspire to triathlon racing. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, she ran and swam but focused on the running through high school. After winning a scholarship to the University of Missouri in running, Jillian gave up swimming entirely. Collegiate success followed but after graduation, Jillian needed a new challenge. Her dad mentioned that he’d seen in the media that a former sometime competitor of Jillian’s was doing triathlons. Jillian thought, “Well, if she can do that, I can, too!” After all, she knew how to swim well and she certainly had the running conquered. But she didn’t even own a bike. So guess what her dad gave her for Christmas.

Her first race was in spring of 2006. By the end of that year she was the U.S. champion for her age group, which qualified her to represent the United States at Age Group Worlds in Lausanne, Switzerland. The next year, Jillian turned professional. By 2012, she was ranked as one of the top 50 female triathletes in the world. This ranking helped the United States earn the maximum number of allowed spots in the London Olympics (a ranking system is used in which athletes earn qualifying points to earn berths for their countries). Only eight countries can earn up to three spots and the United States was the first to do so based on its athletes’ points.

Jillian says that the 2013 season was somewhat disappointing for her. However, she wound up the season on a great note by finishing in the top five overall in the Life Time Tri Series. It was a battle to the end, with Jillian chasing down another racer and passing her just before the finish line. “I was maybe 45 seconds back (from her) coming out of the water, and then I went off course on the bike and ended up 70 seconds behind her after the bike,” says Jillian. “I HAD to catch her, and I did, with maybe 200 meters left until the finish line. I was so tired; I just lay down on the pavement after crossing the line. It was my hardest run all year—and definitely the best!”
We talked with Jillian about some of the ways she stayed motivated, especially when things weren’t going well. “Well, I had the biggest cheering section yet at that race”, she says. My dad was all over the place, giving me time checks to help me out—and I had cousins, my uncle, and all sorts of family there. It was so great.” Now that’s a great example of what could have been a flameout being handled with Flare instead!

So that’s a little bit about Jillian, for those of you in the Triflare Nation. As we look ahead to the 2014 triathlon season, we wish Jillian a super, successful year and are so excited to have her in Triflare suits.

Written By: Elizabeth Epperson, Triflare blogger extraordinaire.

Congratulations Alicia! October 24 2013

Swim…bike…run…and DANCE with us as we celebrate a huge event!! Alicia won the Life Time Tri Oceanside on Sunday AND the championship crown of the Toyota Triple Crown Triathlon Series. The Life Time Tri Oceanside is the capstone event of 12 triathlon races across the U.S. Alicia won Sunday’s race in 1:58:34 and the crown with 63 points earned over the series.
We are so excited for Alicia in this win. Her drive and determination as a woman and athlete exemplify the spirit of Triflare—after all, we are for and about women. Alicia demonstrates that women can be beautiful but hard driving and that passion, self- discipline, and hard work achieve results.
Come to think of it, in some ways, Alicia’s win reflects our company story. In May of this year, we were awarded a $50K Arch Grant for Startup companies. Triflare was one of only 20 companies chosen from over 700 applications. A smart investment is indicated by impressive returns, and Triflare used some of our grant money to invest in Alicia as the pro athlete to model our athletic wear. So we’re feeling pretty good right now! Not just because it’s fun and gratifying to work with winners but because Alicia rocked the race while looking great. (Did we mention we’re kind of all about femininity and power together?)
So whether you’re of the “Do or do not; there is no Tri” mentality or you’re just glad to get a quick swim in at the Y while the kids are at preschool, join us as we raise a water bottle to toast Alicia and honor women everywhere. We honor your passion, your commitment, your strength. You’re beautiful.

Triflare: Fashion meets sport October 01 2013

We love fashion and we love sports! Why not have the two together? Triflare is a triathlon/athletic apparel company designed with every level of the woman competitor in mind. Our mission is to provide women athletes on all skill levels with gear that is beautiful but hard driving, daring but unrelenting, uncommon but competitive…just like the women who choose Triflare apparel. Triathletes display an impressive amount of self-discipline and controlled energy; we offer them the chance to show these talents with flare.

I grew up with three older brothers, so competition was always part of my childhood. My brothers would create “game days” where every sport imaginable was part of an activity. While my brothers earned a point for every successful attempt, I (being the little sister) got half a point. This is where the drive to compete was born! Eventually, I attended the University of Missouri where I was a member and captain of the women’s soccer team. It was my senior year of college that my Missouri swim team friends encouraged me to try a triathlon. In 2009 I qualified for Team USA at age group national championships two weeks before winning the title of Mrs. America. 2 weeks following these 2 national competitions I was on the starting line of my next triathlon race in a men’s trisuit!!! When I shopped for my competition suit I noticed the option to look fashionable AND race was not available. Thus the idea of Triflare was born.

In June 2012 I decided to have some suits made with prints that I had designed with the help of friend and Project Runway sweetheart Laura Kathleen it soon became obvious to me that what I started as an in home business was not meant to be an in home business. So I started making more suits with more designs launched a website and now we are in stores in St. Louis and in Canada. Perhaps our most exciting recent news is that with some of the winnings from the Arch Grants we were able to sponsor our first professional triathlete, Alicia Kaye. We signed her on a Friday (June 21) and on Sunday (June 23) she won the Muskoka 5150 Triathlon Series race wearing Triflare. Her next race was the Minneapolis Lifetime Fitness Triathlon on July and she also won that in Triflare! Be on the lookout she has confirmed the cover of the fall/winter issuie of Triathlete magazine. She will be sporting our newest launch, Triflare running and cycling! And help us cheer on Alicia as she completes the 5150 race series and the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon series in September…both of which she is leading at the moment. and @aliciakaye on twitter.